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About Cracked Cow

Cracked Cow is the result of a conversation with a friend. I wanted to develop a business that reflected my passion. Cracked Cow was a catchy and artful name that represented the merging of ideas and creativity that I use to develop the concepts to fulfill my client’s needs. Our name conveys the fun vibrant environment in which we strive to create unique marketing designs, inspired photography and last but not least a client who is happy with their own take of cracking the cow!

Discussing your idea and brainstorming is critical in bringing your vision to life. We value active live discussions with clients, whether over Skype or over coffee. We cater to the person not only in terms of business needs but involve them in the process every step along the way. Presenting you or your business to the world should reflect your passion. Cracked Cow’s mission is to present you and your business in ways that result in growth. We offer the similar services as much larger digital media firms but only for a fraction of the cost. We dream bigger and we realize smarter. From conception to presentation, working with you is always our priority.